About SitterClips.com

Here are some reasons to join!

Thank you for visiting SitterClips.com! This site has been built for two groups of people in mind: The first group will be thrilled to see Mistress Sitter in action like they've never seen her before, in larger size and longer clips than have been on the web previously. We've been asked for a LOOOONG time to put this site up for just these guys and it's now our pleasure to do so. The second group of people have never seen Sitter in action before. Maybe they are new to facesitting and haven't experienced her smothering clip style before or maybe they've been locked up in a closet (could be fun, too) - but if you are in this second group and haven't watched these clips before, prepare for the treat of your facesitting life because NOBODY has ever done it like Mistress Sitter. It should be VERY obvious VERY quickly that this is the REAL deal. No actors, no silly scripts or reasons why the victim is getting facesat, just LONG, HARD, excruciating smothering that, IF you love facesitting, will turn you on like no other videos have before.


The Mistress Sitter and Chair backstory - by John from MistressDestiny.org: When I first met Mistress Sitter and her personal slave (known only as Chair), I could tell right away they had a special relationship. We scheduled this meeting at a local bar they had suggested and when I arrived I found them in the back, with Chair sitting on the ground and his face up on a stool with Mistress Sitter planted right on top of him (I could only imagine at the time that they knew the owner VERY well). Her skirt was hiked up and his face was getting ridden like it was the Kentucky Derby. So much for small talk, right? We ended up becoming friends and eventually collaborated on the videos that you will find on this site. Keep in mind that originally, these were all full 60 minute videos that were sold on VHS, so I've chopped them in into mostly 10 minute or slightly shorter segments, basically editing them to scene changes, etc. If you haven't seen these before, I REALLY envy you - finding out about Mistress Sitter and her work is one of those "AH HA" moments where you wonder where this could have been all your life. It also will make you VERY jealous and anxious to find a woman to do this to YOU as soon as possible. But for now, we just hope you enjoy the site!

One of the best features of the SitterClips.com website is that it belongs to a NETWORK of facesitting (and other) sites that you also have access to and that your member credit will work on. These sites include www.smother.com and www.plonx.com as well as all the combination trampling/smothering clips on www.trample.com and www.blackbeatswhite.com. We are currently bringing on others, with www.fetishplanet.com scheduled to go live with their fetish clips in mid August of 2016 and more in the development stage as they are working even as you read this to get their clips up and into our system. This WILL be your one necessary stop for all your facesitting needs and you'll wonder how you ever lived without us before!

Take this opporunity while you're here and become a part of the facesitting community we have brought into existence. If the clips of Mistress Sitter don't get you excited and ready for your face to be covered in sweet female flesh, you simply CANNOT be a smothering fan because we know the goods when we see it - and THIS is the goods.